12 Jul 2015

A Living Room Project

In this project I had the opportunity to recreate a living room. Dark furniture and floor created a sterile ambience.  Electrical cords could be seen and the antique furniture became to small for all the books, vases and accessories. The room has a beautiful ceiling with ornaments, which could hardly be noted. The lamp doesn't work properly anymore and should to be replaced. The family loves this couch  and the coffee table has been following this family for a long time. Both should stay. 

Therefore it was very important to choose elements which suit to couch and to coffee table. I went for neutral colours and furniture with a fine look. To achieve the contrast between walls and ceiling, I changed the colour of the walls . It emphasises the beauty of the ornamental ceiling.  Some shelves covering all the right wall were placed for  electrical appliances, books, vases and pictures.  A floor lamp was placed on the left side, creating a division between living and dining room.  The antique cabinet will be placed in another room. It would be a pity to get rid of it as it is a family treasure. I am very excited about the results as the room became charming and clean.