16 Jul 2013

The Radio

I grew up in very difficult years in Brazil. The dictatorship tried to make our artists quiet and the American influence in those years was undeniable. In the eighties, when the dictatorship became weak, quite a few great Brazilian rock bands emerged singing   all the rage that we had been repressed for years.  Therefore I am not angry that we heard a lot of English songs because, in this way, we learnt the rebelliousness and the irreverence of rock music. And honestly, I love this style of music. Nevertheless MPB (*) will be always MPB.

When we moved to Cheshire, I realized that most of the music I used to listen to as a teenager came from this part of England. My new English friends used to listen to the same songs. And now when I am leaving they gave this present: a radio which looks like a woman’s bag! I love it! What a great idea from my chums, I will be able to listen to music at the same time as remembering them.  By the way, as I have just related to you, Rock also reminds me of Brazil and of hard but magic years.

* musica popular brasileira 

10 Jul 2013

Souvenirs to take home from Great Britain

Few things that I would like to take with me, to remind me of the great time I’ve had in this country:

Farrow and Ball paint colours it is a must on my projects: amazing colours that emphasise the beauty of walls and furniture. 

Laura Ashley - The quality of its  furniture and accessories is not the best but I still love the cosy feeling they provide. 

The elegance of shutters - I am trying to find shutters in Switzerland as beautiful as the ones in England. Wish me luck! 

The country-chic style - I love red bricks, sash windows, chandeliers, long curtains, roman blinds, skirting, cornices, trinkets, beams, fireplaces. They make an ambience warm and cosy. 

Sophie Conran - A good friend of mine introduced me to Sophie Conran tableware. Very stylish.

Belstaff - There are women who are mad about shoes. Others about bags. My addiction is jackets. After buying my first Belstaff jacket, which I have worn almost every single day in England, I must say this is the best jacket I’ve ever had. 

Hunters - In Switzerland when autumn starts and the streets are full of leaves from the trees, people collect them immediately. Therefore I have felt a kind of rebel walking through the streets in Alderley, where nobody cares about the leaves. Nevertheless I needed some good wellies for this. Hunters will be my rebel boots forever.

Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I will miss you until we meet again.